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Founded 1949

On January 1, 1949April 26, 2020by

George C. Hall & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1949 by late owner George C. Hall. The company was originally called George C. Hall Contractor and started with a small dump truck, backhoe and one employee. The business was initially based out of George’s home residence on Old County Road in Rockland. Around 1953, George...


Three Generations

On January 1, 1960April 26, 2020by

George’s two sons, Tim and Jim started laboring in the 1960’s. Tim became Business Manager in 1972 and held that position until he became company President in 1993, a position he holds today. Jim ran a loader until the early 1980’s when he became Safety Manager. In January 2002, Jim became Vice President of Safety...



On January 1, 1980April 26, 2020by

George C. Hall Contractor was incorporated in 1980 becoming George C. Hall & Sons, Inc. – Historical tidbit: The cost of a gallon of gas in 1980 was $1.19



On January 1, 1993April 26, 2020by

The company has remained family owned since its inception in 1949. Year: Owner/Owners 1949-1993: George C. Hall 1993-1998: Marion S. Hall 1998-2006: 5 Children and 3 Grandchildren 2006-Present: 5 Children and 2 Grandchildren


Job sites thru the decades

On January 23, 2000April 26, 2020by

1950’s: Stripping Martin Marietta Cement Plant, DOT project in Biddeford, DOT project in Bristol 1960’s: Stripping Martin Marietta Cement Plant, Medomak Valley High School, Rockland District High School 1970’s: Samoset Resort, Rockland Post Office, Rockland Industrial Park, Rockland Sewarage Treatment Plant, Penobscot Bay Medical Center 1980’s: Van Baalens 1st expansion, Rockland Plaza, Harbor Plaza, MDOT...


George C. Hall & Sons, Inc. Today

On January 1, 2020April 26, 2020by

During the 2020 season, George C. Hall employed approximately 40 full time employees. George C. Hall is equipped with many varying size dump trucks, lowbeds, water trucks, a boom truck and a fleet of pickup and rackbody trucks. The company owns many tracked excavators, dozers, rubber tire backhoes, front end loaders, a grader, rollers, a...